We offer Penske and Nitron specifications for our Autograss suspension kits.  Nitron NTA is our new 3 way damper designed and built just for RaceShocks.uk and the Autograss competitor.  Our Penske 8700 3 way Autrgrass damper kit is our high specification damper offering all the great parts and performance that Penske is renowned for producing.

Autograss Shocks

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We have built up a range of great off the shelf Nitron dampers specifically for Autograss applications Penske dampers are made to order and take approx 3 weeks.. Both manufacturers offer excellent high end suspension dampers and with our knowledge of the forces seen in Autograss we have a great package available for both brands. Rear Wheel Drive Front Dampers are 16" open length with a 24" hose and remote canister. Rear Dampers ar 23.5" open length with a 16" hose and remote canister. Front Wheel Drive Front Dampers are 16" open length with a 16" hose and remote canister.(Option for 15.5") Rear Dampers ar 18.25" open length with a 16" hose and remote canister. We believe this offers the competitor the best package. It may mean you have to mount the canister to the chassis (we can help there also) but it also means you can mount this canister out of harms way should the unavoidable incident happen. This saves you the competitor money in the long term. We can, of course, offer piggy back solutions if it is required by the customer.
Penske Racing Shocks (PRS)was formed in 1988 when the need for a higher performing shock absorber was identified by the Penske Racing Indy Car team. A small design office was established in Reading, Pennsylvania to produce high-quality 4-way adjustable dampers. Based on the success of Penske Racing, others noticed the competitive edge they enjoyed from a properly handling race car and made inquiries about the shock absorbers. Eventually, PRS began to supply shocks to other Indy Car teams, as well as move into the F1 market. As word spread about the performance, quality, and response of a Penske Racing Shock, more and more teams acquired the product. PRS quickly moved into many more racing sanctions including multiple sports car and open wheel series and in many instances, our products were original equipment from the chassis manufacturers.
Nitron boasts over a decade of success, celebrating prestigious race wins and lap records around the world. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Nitron’s worldwide headquarters are based in England’s prestigious ‘Motorsport Valley’, Oxfordshire.  Nitron has been at the forefront of motorsport suspension technology since 1998. Nitron shocks are billet machined and hand built entirely in the UK. Each fully-serviceable shock is customised to your specific spring and damping configuration requirements by our highly experienced team. Aesthetics also play a vital part of our design process to ensure that the look and feel of our shocks rank among the best in the world.

Tractive Suspension - Service - Repair - Revalve

We are also the UK service and repair centre for all Tractive suspension dampers. We can offer same day repair where required and possible. Most parts are carried in stock. We can also upgrade or revalve your Tractive suspension to your needs.