Quantum T5-RS Ford Escort
February 28, 2014
Motorcycle Suspension Testing
February 28, 2014
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Suspension Testing

£35.00 + VAT


Suspension Testing

You send us your suspension and we will run them on our dyno and provide a print out of the results.

If the dampers are adjustable we will run these at Full Hard, Halfway (or your prefered settings) and full soft.  We will do this for each damper.

We will then make clear to you any observations or recommendations such as a service requirement or damage to be repaired.

We need the dampers WITHOUT your springs if possible and in a clean condition.

If we need to make a new mount for the dyno there may be a small charge but we will tell you this before you make your booking.

Price is per damper.

10% Discount if testing a set of 4.

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Weight 10 kg