Lotus Evora Tractive Suspension Semi-Active R-ACE
October 5, 2018
November 9, 2018
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Ford Focus RS

£4,287.10 + VAT

The way the Focus RS was supposed to be:
Incredible Ride and Comfort with Unrivaled
Performance elevating the Focus RS to the finest sport
hatchback in the world.






Tractive Active Suspension

The way the Focus RS was supposed to be:
Incredible Ride and Comfort with Unrivaled Performance elevating the Focus RS to the finest sport hatchback in the world.

Replacing the factory shock controller, the DSC Sport V1 is a state-of-the-art user definable suspension controller that fully interfaces with the factory dash display and controls. The V1 Controller features velocity calculations as well as brake pressure, g-force, acceleration, speed (mph), and full individual shock calibration tables. Digitally tune the chassis just as you would the engine! Tune more grip into the tire, while tuning a more compliant ride for the street. The DSC Sport V1 Controller is equally at home as a daily driver or full-time track setup. 

The DSCsport – Tractive features the patented DDAvalve. Boasting a response time of only six milliseconds, the DDA valve offers the fastest, most dynamic, and most consistent damping range of any electronic valve on the market and incorporates a full race piston and shim stack.
The DSCsport Focus RS controller is fully integrated via CAN ACTIVE CONTROLLER. The most sophisticated algorithm offered to the marketplace takes advantage of the DDA valve and Eibach springs. 


The ride is incomparable to stock giving the Focus RS a better ride than any of the European sedans. And handling of that of a Porsche GT car. To sum it up in one word AMAZING.
The DSCsport suspension package for the Focus RS is more than an upgrade, IT’S A MUST. Can’t imagine owning the car any other way. It becomes a world class car. This is the way the Focus should have been.