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Quantum Black


Quantum Black

This is a high performance product that has been developed to cope with most installations.

We are a recognised technical agent for Quantum and are able to service and maintain all of their range.

QRS are now one of our recommended performance dampers for a range of vehicles from Escorts to Caterham. We always have an input to the setup and valving required by the customer and this is check by us on our dyno.

Quantum Black is a gas mono-tube damper that has been continually refined since its introduction to F1 in 1989.
20 years of development has seen the original one-piece body and bottom give way to a modular design with a captive floating piston.

With a 14mm shaft to take advantage of modern low-friction seal technology; and an ‘endless’ Ekonol® reinforced PTFE piston ring has replaced Teflon® band guide tape, yielding improved consistency and wear characteristics.

The gas-pressurized mono-tube design tolerates ‘inverted’ operation, the captive floating piston allows BLACK dampers to be easily re-valved without requiring re-pressurisation. Each unit is hand built from the finest quality components and to exacting standards.

All BLACK dampers are fully CNC machined lightweight 6061-T6 aluminium , assembled in house as direct replacements for the original equipment dampers and springs.

Height adjustable via the spring platform for coil over applications.

Bleed past the piston is adjusted by a single ‘clicker’ knob around the top eye through 24 increments or ‘clicks’.

Advantages include:
Gas-pressurised mono-tube design
Race proven design and heritage.
Easy turn knob adjustment
Modular design with captive floating piston
Any valving set-up available from infinite range of shim pack combinations
Fully Sealed adjuster shafts and mechanism
14mm hard chrome shaft and low-friction seal technology
41mm piston for better short stroke control
Ekonol® reinforced PTFE piston ring Very low friction.
Preload adjustable 2.25″ spring hardware
Hard-anodised 6061-T6 aluminium body
Fully CNC machined and hand assembled in house
Fully re-buildable and owner re-valvable**
Very light weight mainly aluminium, essential for the lightweight Elise
Designed to run inverted to save un-sprung weight and optimum performance.
Dampers come preloaded with a full set of bearing spacers and are ready to fit.
Infinite range of bump/rebound ratios, which can be changed at any time
Separate gas charge with fully floating piston design and avoids leaking.
Cellular progressive bump-stop.
Very low friction provides immediate damping response.
Corrosion Resistant – hard anodised and electro-less nickel plated.
Sealed adjusters. Large piston area for better short stroke control.

Additional information
Weight 10 kg