Lotus Exige Penske 7500 Series Suspension
October 6, 2015
Lotus Exige Penske 7500 Series 2 Way Suspension
October 6, 2015
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Lotus Elise Penske 7500 Series 2 Way Suspension

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Penske 7500 Series Double adjustable damper kit for Lotus Elise. Includes Suplex Spring Kit.


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Lotus Elise Penske 7500 Series 2 Way Suspension

After a period of research and testing we are now able to offer a Penske Racing Shocks kit for your Lotus Exige.

Lotus Elise Penske 7500 Series 2 Way Suspension

The most versatile Penske shock absorber available, the entry level 7500 series is available in a variety of sizes and adjustability options. From the track to the street, this model can be customised to meet any driving style or condition. The 7500 is available in both coilover and non coilover style in all body lengths. Single shaft adjuster options include rebound, compression, or rebound and compression combined. The 7500 is now also available as a double adjustable unit – allowing independent adjustment of compression and rebound.

Weight: 3.70 lbs

The 7500SA has been run for the past 20 years in multiple racing markets. One of the first ever rebuildable shocks, the 7500SA is a quality single adjustable shock that uses standard Penske parts. CNC machined to hold the tightest tolerances, the 7500SA is the most repeatable aluminum bodied shock on the market. Cost effective and reliable, this is the best single adjustable shock on the market. Optional internal jets allows the customer to choose either compression, rebound, or open jet configurations.

The design features a separator piston in the reservoir which has been proven to maintain damper performance and improve response, as well as a single shaft adjuster if desired. The 7500 is available in both coilover and non coil-over style in all body lengths. There are also several options for body cap style which allows its use in many regulated spec series that require a sealed shock. Due to its design, the 7500 can be made to fit many applications simply by changing its modular body cap and eyelets. Currently, the 7500 is being used in all forms of Short Track Racing (NASCAR Weekly Racing Series, USAC Sprints and Midgets, Asphalt and Dirt Late Models and Modifieds).

Suspension is often overlooked in place of power but the most important upgrade to faster lap times is good suspension.  Correct damping provides grip, chassis control, and confidence.  Confidence makes the driver faster.  Meteor Motorsport have been working on our Lotus Elise Penske 7500 Series 2 Way Suspension for some time and can now offer the proven Penske for your Lotus.  

Penske Racing Shocks have won in Formula 1, Indy, Nascar, World Challenge, LeMans, MotoGP, Australian Supercar, and many more.  We believe that there are better options than simply adding a hard spring to a car to make it feel faster.  It won’t necessarily be faster.  Grip comes from a soft compliant suspension setup.  There is no doubt that you have to have the damper setup and valving to compliment the springs but once achieved the results are fantastic ride and controlled handling on track and road.

Penske has a proven record of success because they use only the best materials, all engineered and maintained to their own specifications.  They use the highest grade stainless steel shims, billet aluminum bodies and pistons, linear and precisely matching adjusters, Viton shaft seals for low stiction, Teflon-lined bearings and they even have their own spec fluid.

 Having worked on a number of different cars models and manufacturers with very successful results we turned to Lotus as the next vehicle we thought we could offer the same ethos.  Providing the best quality, double-adjustable shocks with independent compression and rebound adjustments at a great package price.  

By working with the Penske Engineers to reach a specification and valve spec. that creates the wheel frequency we want to use on the Lotus Elise and Exige we are very pleased with the results.  Who else can say they took the latest technology developed for winning F1, NASCAR, Indy, and WEC teams and put it to use in products designed for you?  A Penske double adjustable in a bolt-on package that will work in the tightly spaced Lotus Elise and Exige cars.  

Penske doesn’t have a “value line” like other manufacturers on the market.  These shocks use the same top quality 45mm Pistons, shims, seals, wipers and adjusters as the rest of the Penske dampers.

Each set of dampers is tested after assembly on the dyno before shipping to ensure quality and best match.   The dampers will have 40 clicks of compression adjustment and 35 clicks of rebound.  These dampers come with a rebound sweep adjuster as standard but are also available with a clicker knob at extra cost.

TECH MANUAL (PS-7500-DA) 08-10

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