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December 4, 2018
Ford Escort Mk2 8300 2 WAY
February 8, 2019
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Ford Escort Mk2 8700 3 WAY

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Ford Escort Mk2 8700 3 WAY








Ford Escort Mk2 8700 3 WAY

Our own bespoke Penske 8700 3 Way kit for GRP4 Fabrications or Rix type suspension.   Using the Penske 45mm insert and VDP (Velocity Dependent Piston) we are able to offer all the benefits of the extremely low friction Penske engineering and the strength of the larger front insert.  Also available as a 50mm insert if required (check on cost before ordering).  We use a swivel banjo remote reservoir as we believe this allows the expensive parts in the reservoir to be mounted out of harms way.  The rear is available as a piggyback option if required at additional cost.  The kit is valved and sprung to suit customer specification.

The VDP allows us to tune the damper to prevent high speed bottoming much like a hydraulic bumpstop.  Also included in this kit are Hypercoil or Eibach springs as standard and high specification Penske bump stops.


Penske Racing Shocks is the world leader in suspension technology, having won countless races and championships in F1, ALMS, Indy Car, Tudor/IMSA series, and NASCAR among others. The same race-winning shock technology is now available to bolt onto your GTR regardless of whether you’re a serious racer or an everyday driver around town. Our promise is to exceed all expectations in handling, comfort, and performance for your Nissan.

For the GTR, both front and rear shocks are inline mono-tube style shocks. They are built with the same components and by the same technicians that serve the above mentioned professional racing series.

Unlike the competitor’s less expensive packages, all of our suspension builds are tailored to you. We will recommend dyno curves and spring rates but a phone call is typically necessary to understand how you want your car to perform. Part of The Penske Advantage is having your own personal shock technician at your disposal to listen to your needs and to share our experiences at no additional cost.

The Penske Advantage

  • CNC’d aluminium for the lightest and strongest parts
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Utilizes Penske high quality pistons and internal parts for damping quality and repeatability
  • Spring hardware is included
  • Custom valved to your car specs



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