Quantum Suspension Service

Quantum Suspension Service



Why should I service my shocks?

The use of aluminium in racing shock absorbers prioritizes lightweight over durability.

In normal use, microscopic particles of aluminium and aluminium oxide are worn from the internal surfaces of the damper and become suspended in the oil. Left unchecked, this contamination works like an abrasive, accelerating wear and shortening the life of your dampers.

Regular servicing and oil changes in particular will prolong the life of your dampers.


How often should I get my shocks serviced?

The use you subject your dampers to will dictate how often they should be serviced.

Shock absorbers that are subjected to heat from the gearbox or exhaust may require more frequent attention than those in a cool airflow.

Shock absorbers inside the vehicle operate in more favourable conditions than those exposed to road dirt and salts.

Shock absorbers on cars that are only used for a handful of competitive events will experience less wear and tear than those used year-round on a road-going vehicle.

As a general rule, we recommend a major service at the start of every professional motor racing season or biennially in less competitive circumstances.



At the start of each professional motor racing season or biennially

£145 ea. plus VAT
  • Inspect
    • Spherical joints
    • Internal surfaces
    • Separator piston
  • Replace
    • Shims
    • Seals
    • Shock oil
  • Repressurize
  • Test