We think RaceShocks.uk and Meteor Motorsport is a little different to other suppliers and a great place to buy your Performance Saloon Car Shocks.

By all means send a question or better still give me a call – I think it’s important to talk all these things through so we can make sure you get the correct item and the best specification for your needs.   This is the main reason we are different – you get the benefit of my experience for free.

Please feel free to call me in the evening if you need.

Simon Rogers

  • Quantum T5-RS Ford Escort

    £1,326.00 + VAT
  • Ford Focus RS

    £4,389.00 + VAT
  • Ford Escort Mk2 8700 3 WAY

    £6,114.00 + VAT
  • Ford Escort Mk2 8300 2 WAY

    £5,314.00 + VAT
  • DSC Sport V3 Controller 991

    £1,147.00 + VAT