Semi-Active Suspension


Controlled by the DSC Sport controller or TracTive’s very own controller and touch screen, the TracTive DDA line is unlike any other electronic damper in the world. From its incredibly fast response rate and state-of-the-art electronics and valve design to its superior build quality and design, TracTive makes no compromise on quality. TracTive Suspension spent three years of extensive calculation, simulation, and engineering before the DDA valve was put into production. The TracTive DDA line offers the most sophisticated and highest-performing active suspension solution for all situations.

DDA Valve

The heart of the TracTive DDA product line, the DDA valve is the fastest, most stable bi-directional internal damping valve in the world. The DDA valve can respond to commands from the controller in only six milliseconds, or up to 60 times in the blink of an eye! (comparable valve designs respond in 80-100 milliseconds). Unlike other electronic solenoid valves, the DDA valve can also respond to mid-stroke commands, allowing for even more instantaneous damping performance. By utilizing a traditional shim stack arrangement in their electronic solenoid valve design, TracTive is able to repeatedly and consistently produce the “ideal” damping curve for a variety of applications.

Build Quality

The mechanical build also sets the TracTive DDA line apart from similar dampers on the market. TracTive Suspension’s proprietary guide seal design features a .01mm guide clearance – the finest in the industry. This incredibly precise guide seal clearance provides TracTive DDA products with the lowest stiction in the industry. This precision, combined with the placement and position of the DDA valve, makes the DDA valve impervious to sideload even during the most severe mechanical conditions.


All TracTive products are subject to scrutinous quality-control tests and simulations in accordance with BMW automotive standards before receiving the green light for production. Each DDA valve design is subjected to 17.6 million cycles on a shock dyno and must retain 85% of original damping performance before being approved for production. It is not without reason that TracTive Suspension is the preferred choice of the experienced long-distance motorbike adventure rider or the low-temperature snowmobile crosser. The DDA valve is tested at temperatures as low as -30°C and as high as 140°C before production. Any technology that survives in these harsh conditions, has a field day in car racing.

All TracTive DDA products are fully serviceable and rebuildable by us here at – eliminating the need for costly overseas shipping. Service should be every 30,000 miles.

Pagani, RUF and Dallara now fit this damper to their new models.