QRS Black.




QRS Black.

QUANTUM was the first to introduce a double adjustable shaft with double needle assembly to Formula One in 1988. Our double adjustable shaft has two needles that allow directionally independent adjustment of bleed past the piston in 24 positions.

Previous generations of mono-tube shocks isolate bump and rebound adjustment with a bump canister. The problem with canisters is they only see displaced fluid — fluid displaced by the shaft — which is only a fraction of what is available at the piston.

With independent adjustment of bump and rebound damping at the piston, QUANTUM BLACK double adjustable shocks are better equipped to control small shaft movements and offer superior adjustment resolution with a total of 576 possible settings. Learn more about the technology behind QUANTUM BLACK shocks here.

I Digress
Variations in piston geometry can have a greater influence on the shape of the force-velocity curve than the shims themselves – which is why QUANTUM has developed a range of pistons, each to emphasize unique characteristics. Learn more about how piston geometry affects damping here.


Standard – Linear

Our standard piston is a symmetrical ten-port design that produces a linear force–velocity curve in bump and rebound. Both faces are dished to gently preload the shims and accentuate subtle digressive characteristics near closed adjuster settings, emphasizing low speed adjustability.

SD – Single Digressive

The SD piston is an asymmetrical design, digressive in bump and linear in rebound — or vice versa. The digressive side is identical to the HF piston. The linear side has six kidney shaped ports that produce a force-velocity curve comparable to our standard piston.

HF – Double Digressive
The HF piston is a symmetrical design that exhibits a pronounced digressive force–velocity curve in bump and rebound. The annular shim seat allows the flow to dump as soon as the stack cracks open. The bleed adjusters are used to tune the shaft velocity at which the digressive damping region begins.

BB – Linear
The BB piston is a development of our standard piston with large diameter ports for softer damping. The increased flow area is analogous to a one step change in stack thickness.

Owner revalvable. By the trackside. QUANTUM shock absorbers are gas-pressurised to prevent cavitation and provide room for the small volume of oil displaced by the shaft. The gas is kept separate from the oil behind a floating piston.

BLACK shocks feature a captive floating piston that allows the shock to be partially disassembled without requiring de-pressurisation. A pin spanner and vice are the only tools required to safely remove the shaft assembly — complete with piston and shaft bearing — for replacement of shims and shaft seals.

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